PG Exhibits

Matterport 3D + Zuant

Bring your exhibit to life via an immersive Matterport 3D experience.

Zuant 3D features real 3D photography that draws you in, as opposed to expensive, graphically created faux 3D virtual environments.

An Engaging 3D Experience

Scan Your Space

We can scan any real, physical 3D space. Ultra-high-quality imagery is captured with state-of-the-art panoramic cameras. Once captured, the images are used to build an accurate and beautiful 3D model of the entire physical environment. It’s just like being there.

Curate The Experience

Once the space has been scanned it’s time to curate the 3D experience. The Zuant ‘Black-Box’ can be configured to perfectly guide the visitor through the environment and present information pertinent to their current location within the space.

Monitor Visitor Activity

Zuant 3D supports detailed visitor tracking. A full matrix of visitor interactions can be downloaded, or pushed through to your CRM of choice. High-quality sales leads can be delivered direct to your inbox.

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