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BizBox Mobile Marketing Solution


Mobile Marketing Solution

About The Bizbox

With its sophisticated, high-tech design, adaptability, durability and customizable features, BizBox literally opens a new world of opportunities for companies that are searching for a cost-effective way to grow their businesses and expand into experiential marketing. Companies now can transport their businesses to any geographic location for both temporary and semi-permanent use. The BizBox’s exterior and interior are customized for each client. With easy-to-assemble features, each BizBox can be transformed into a building that’s ready and open for business in less than 30 minutes. BizBox offers several options that can be tailored to each user.



PG Exhibits BizBox

BizBox Standard Features*

  • Wrap around glass for maximum exposure.
  • Three entry/exit points for the flow of traffic.
  • LED inset lighting
  • White aluminum interior for clean lines
  • 8’ by 2’ storage
  • Front storage box to house the following:
  • Generator
  • Spare wheel
  • Electrical panel
  • Sets up with one person in 30 minutes (no tools required)
  • Onboard gas generator with a gas tank
  • On Board 15,000 BTU HVAC
  • Black Fabric Skirting
  • Power hitch
  • Audio with speakers
  • Flag Pole Mounts
  • Exterior mounted ladder (roof access)
  • Marketing barriers

*BizBox offers more than one model. Model standard features are subject to change based on the year the model was built. For more details on BizBox specifications, please contact PG Exhibits today. Call 303-722-6565 or visit pgexhibits.com to submit an online inquiry. 


As an authorized BizBox outfitter and Licensed Agent, we can help design and build out the PERFECT mobile marketing solution for your brand.

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